Dressing Tips For Smart People

boutique-outfitsDressing is all about clever clothing choices, that manage to downplay a person’s flaws and accentuates their strengths better than others. Fashion is transient; it keeps changing according to the season. According to the facts from http://britishfashioncouncil.com/pressreleases/The-British-Fashion-Industry–London-Fashion-Week-Facts–Figures , there are just so many innovations and varieties we can find in the same piece of dress, let it be the crop top, the aqua dress, the blazers or the two piece midi dress. Let’s discuss the different dresses that can suit people with different sizes and body shape, be it for the petite or tall lady.
The Crop Top
Crop tops, are flattering outfits that look stylish on everyone and it is the best way of concealing your stomach. Crop tops highlight your waist and make your legs look shorter.
Pencil skirts
Pencil skirts create the most flattering silhouette possible, and consider tailoring them according to your body shape so that it clings to your body above your hips and skims your legs.
Shift dress
Shift dresses literally work on everyone and the basic factor to be considered while choosing a shift dress is to see if it skims over the largest part of your body without using a lot a fabric to give you a clean, smooth overall look. ‘
Flared skirts
A flared skirt adds minimal volume to the area directly below the waist while making it impossible to tell exactly where the skirt ends. It you are shorter, then choose skirts where your thigh muscle starts to taper in towards your knee and they are usually four to five inches above the knee.
Skater dress
They fly out from the waist creating a flowery look for bring out the feminine look showing of your beautiful curves.
Collarless blazers
A traditional blazer can be tricky if you have a large bust, but with the collarless blazers, the smooth lines allow the front of the jacket to flow over your chest without any awkward bulging.
Jogger pants
The joggers tend to skim over the body and taper at the ankles and it looks flattering on every size. Pair it with something easy and loose on top to help balance out the general looseness of the pants to get that casual look.
Boyfriend jeans
Boyfriend jeans are in vogue as it gives an impressive look when compared to the oft-worn skinny jeans or the jeggings. The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans should float evenly down all the way to your calves and start to loosen up where the calves merge to your ankles. Make sure to cuff the bottom so the narrowed part of the ankle is exposed for the most pleasing look.
Two piece Midi skirts
There is a myth that only tall people are best suited for midi skits, but the two piece midi skirts which ends right below your knee, at the top of your calf muscle gives an elongated look to your legs. Choose the latest and trendy ones.

Show off your fashionable and trendy styles and enjoy the season.